this is the best sweet potato recipe you will ever eat

The Best Sweet Potato Recipe Ever: Twice-Baked with Cheesy Jalapenos

In our house, we eat a lot of sweet potatoes, and this is my favorite sweet potato recipe. It takes maybe 10-12 minutes, and it costs very little money (or effort!) When things are tight, this recipe helps us get some quick, cheap meals in.

The Best Sweet Potato Recipe I Know

  1. First, wash a large sweet potato and poke holes across its entire surface with a fork (to vent steam).
  2. Then microwave it for 7-10 minutes (until soft all the way through).
    • Note: we have started to actually bake these in the oven, and we’ve found that rubbing a little olive or avocado oil on the skins and baking them at 420-450 degrees for 60-90 minutes is downright delectable.
  3. Remove from microwave/oven and slit it length-wise. Scoop out the flesh of the potato into a bowl, leaving the skin as a shell (you’ll put the meat back in later.)
  4. Mix the potato flesh with a sprinkle of cheese (sharp cheddar for us), crispy bacon (or bits), a splash of milk, pressed garlic (or garlic powder), and sliced/diced jalapeno peppers. Smash it all together and scoop the mixture back inside the potato skin.
  5. Add a little cheese on top and microwave it again until warm all the way through and cheese is melted (1-2 minutes, depending on the size of the potato).
    • Note: if you go the oven route, pop it on the top rack, turn the broiler on high and watch it until the cheese is to your preferred melty/crispiness
  6. Remove from the microwave and top with whatever else you want. For me, its usually avocado, and sour cream. Maybe some black beans if we have them. Chili and BBQ chicken tops them a lot as well. Especially if you drop the chicken in an Instantpot and make it all shreddable.

A Few Notes

Lots of times, we end up foregoing the milk and most of the cheese, too. Sometimes, we just smash up the sweet potatoes innards, add some peppers and spices and throw whatever leftovers we have into the mix as a topping.

This is a really versatile meal, and when we get people to try it, they’re amazed you can do stuff with sweet potatoes that’s not just marshmallows and cinnamon. In fact, I think they’re a lot better savory instead of overly sweet.

Except for sweet potato pie. Because…well, because it’s friggin’ delicious.

Even if you’re not a fan of sweet potatoes (and I wasn’t before this recipe), it’s worth giving a shot and trying. If you love it, you’re welcome. If not, then I’m terribly sorry. But at least you tried! Like I tell lots of people, the worst thing that can happen is that you spit it out.

Feel free to reach out and let me know your favorite sweet potato recipes! I’d love to hear from you!

B.J. Keeton

B.J. Keeton

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