professorbeej is dead

So let’s start this off with the big news: professorbeej is dead.

From a certain point of view. #obiwanwasright

You see, yesterday…I quit my job. So, if you look at it a certain way, professorbeej as you knew him is dead. I’m just Beej now. The same way that Darth Vader killed Anakin Skywalker, Beej killed Professorbeej. (I don’t think I’m gonna change my Twitter name just yet, though.)

And I’m an emotional mess right now. I’ve been at my school for 8 years, and I’ve had a wonderful career. But it was time to move on for many reasons, but not the least being the 3-hour round trip commute that was causing panic attacks.

When taking my mental health into consideration (and that of my family), I made the right choice for me. I am starting to freelance–WordPress development, writing, marketing consultation, etc.–and work on revamping Geek Fitness.

Nothing on this front is going to change, though. The GF that you know and love will always be here exactly the same. I’m just trying to figure out how to eat now, too. #kiddingnotkidding

But yeah, so that’s why I didn’t podcast yesterday. I was dealing with turning in my resignation and all that emotional stuff of going and cleaning out my office of 8 years.

But I still ran. I still did Day 9 of my #runstreak, and I did day 10 today. I ran 1 mile yesterday and 2 miles today. So yay!

How are y’all doing? I know some of your messages are letting me know you’re having a rough week. That’s okay. Me, too. I’m there with you. #solidarity

But you know what? You know how I always get through the hard times? I remember that the sun will come up tomorrow. And that the world, me included, will keep on going.

That’s really comforting to me. I know that no matter what, I’m gonna be okay. I’m gonna keep moving forward. Sometimes it may be hard, and I won’t know what’s going to happen or how long the bad stuff will last, but I know that things keep moving forward.

And so will I. I just have to keep making the right choices for me.

Quitting my jobs and changing careers is the right choice for me. But it wasn’t an easy choice.

Neither was losing weight. But I set my mind to it because it was the best thing for me, and I did it. I did the work. The same thing will happen here. Switching careers is the best thing for me. So I am going to do the work.

And while I’m very sad at not being around my students and colleagues anymore, I know this is the right thing for me and my family and my health.

I also know that the world will keep spinning, and the sun will come up tomorrow. And I am going to keep moving forward.

So will you.

But hey! In lighter news!

It’s under 2 months until Star Wars: Rogue One! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I totally forgot it was that close until I saw the Side Quest Fitness post about using the Dark Side to achieve your fitness goals. And while I didn’t ever really think about that before, Robbie’s totally right.

Sometimes,  you have to be aggressive and non-complacent to really live the life that you want.

It was exactly the kind of article I needed to read after a day like yesterday. Because I was non-complacent. I didn’t let myself drift through life. I made the decision to make my life better, and I acted on it.

Like a Sith.


I want to thank you guys for reaching out to me. I love hearing from you. Remember, I’m still @professorbeej on Twitter, @_geekfitness on Instagram, and have a new substack called Beej is Excited About…

Stay shiny, fitgeeks. And remember: the sun’s gonna come up tomorrow. Everything is temporary, and you’ll get through this. We’ll get through this.

Oh, and I’m sorry about the title. I couldn’t resist. It was just too funny for me.


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