“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” + Ermagerd Linux Ubuntu! (Geek Fitness Health Hacks, Episode 009)

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Like that old dude in the cave said in The Legend of Zelda back on the NES, “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone.” And honestly, it kind of is. As you embark on your fitness quest, the most dangerous thing you can do is try to do this solo.

Just like in a video game, if you try to take on the fitness dungeon alone, you’re probably gonna wipe.

So you need to look for people to party up with!

  • Friends and family IRL want to help! They love you!
  • People at the gym are there for the same reason! Talk to them!
  • Check out Twitter! There are lots of cool hashtags with awesome people! (I’m biased toward #RunChat and #MeatlessMonday, personally).
  • Reddit has some awesome subs like /r/yoga, /r/runninglifestyle, and even /r/loseit for weight loss.
  • Also: Facebook! The awesome Geek Fitness page is there to help, and so are your family and friends!


  • Linux! Ubuntu!
    • My Windows PC crashed 4x this week. Winload.exe crashed a bunch. Between Win10 and Win8.1, I got mad and installed Linux.
    • It’s my first time. And it’s awesome. Truly amazing. If you’ve ever been interested in it even a little, you totally should.
    • You can even run Ubuntu straight off a USB drive with no installation.


  • I’ve been making excuses! I haven’t been going to the gym!
    • I am totally embarrassed to tell you folks that, so as soon as I finished recording this, I put pants on and went to the gym and did a full set of weights and rode the stationary bike for cardio.
    • Thanks for existing, fitgeeks!

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B.J. Keeton

B.J. Keeton

B.J. is a geek, gamer, podcaster, and livestreamer. He has been the co-host of the Geek to Geek podcast since 2016, and he helped start the Geek to Geek Media Network. His biggest pet peeve is when someone spells Wookiee with only one E. One time, he told his friends he liked vegetables maybe more than he did Star Wars, and they made him put a dollar in the jar. That should tell you everything you need to know about him. Find him on Twitter as @professorbeej or on Discord as @professorbeej#1337.

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