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Jedi Meditation for Padawans

The Jedi Temple Archives is a series of posts that will teach you, padawan, how to be a Jedi through everyday skills you can practice to be healthier and more active. This installment is a guest post by Austin King, gaming features editor for ScreenRant and host of the Dragon Quest FM podcast. Austin has written plays, poems, novels, and short fiction, but he spends most of his time making sure his credentials sound more impressive than they really are.

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So You Want to Learn Jedi Meditation, Do You?

Welcome, padawan. First off, we’ll discuss one of the most foundational aspects of how to be a Jedi: meditation.

Every padawan from Revan to Ahsoka has mastered the secrets of Jedi meditation.

jedi temple meditation - yoda yoga

Yoda meditates (and probably does a bit of Yoda Yoga, hah!), Mace Windu meditates, and even Anakin Skywalker sometimes stops his whining to take some deep breaths and chill out a bit.

Meditate, You Will. Save You, It Can

As you progress through your training, you will find that meditation will help you navigate not only the corridors of the Jedi Temple, but your own life as well.

You will gain the ability to mindfully respond to situations, not react to them thoughtlessly.

While it might be useless to try to send messages to your spouse through the Force (believe me, I’ve tried), there are health benefits to saving some time every morning to breathe in, breathe out, and relax. Sitting and listening to your body and learning to deal with the Kowakian monkey(-lizard) mind is an amazing ways to find off the Dark Side.

Most doctors seem to recommend twenty minutes of meditation a day, but if you don’t have that much time, even ten minutes could lower your stress. Even five minutes. And lower stress means lower risk of heart disease, mental illness, some cancers, and even chronic pain.

Now, for Jedi meditation (or any meditation, actually) you don’t have to sit in the lotus position and hum while listening to aboriginal music. (You can if you want to, though.) You don’t have to ommm. You just have to avoid the snap-hiss of a Sith lightsaber igniting behind you.

It also doesn’t mean you have to sit in silence. Whenever I meditate, I listen to mellow music (not Metallica, but maybe something by John Williams), and I just…well, breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Focus on the breath.

Within five minutes, I’m way more relaxed and happier. For some people, however, sitting in silence allows them to more easily commune with the Force.

How to Meditate like a Jedi

Meditation can be something as simple as sitting in your comfy chair, closing your eyes, and taking deep breaths. You don’t have to sit on a pillow or cross-legged in the floor. Just find yourself a quiet spot in the Jedi Temple of your home and sit there. As long as you’re comfortable, you can still your mind. Before long,  you will empty your mind of stresses—work, family, Sith lords, the best way to defeat Kylo Ren and find Luke Skywalker, whatever.

If you’re new to meditating, just keep it simple–concentrate on deep breathing and feel the Force flow through you.

It will be hard at first. You will fail. True mastery of Jedi meditation is learning to begin again when you fail. When you notice your thoughts wandering, just go back to your breathing. Begin again. In and out. Feel the Force flow. Fail again. Begin again.

But through that failure, you can begin again and eventually become one with the Force. So welcome to the Jedi Temple, padawan. I can’t wait until you can go through the trials and become a full Jedi Knight.

For the moment, though, just take a moment and breathe. Like the ones Master Yoda takes, small steps still get you where you’re going in the end.

Yoda meditating in the Jedi Temple

Try it out, and then let me know how meditating works for you. And be sure not to miss your next lesson: Long Distance Hiking for Padawans.

Austin King

Austin King

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