S1E1 – How Harry Potter Helped Me Lose 150 Pounds

This is the obligatory “get to know you” episode of the new Geek Fitness Podcast. I talk about how I lost 150 pounds because of a terrifying experience at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how that affected my life. Some of you may have heard the story before, but it’s kind of the foundation of why I do this…so yeah.

I give a simple — but not easy — 5-step process that anyone can follow to lose whatever weight they need to. They’re the same ones I used, so I know they work. I lose my way sometimes, and I always find my way back by going through these steps. They work.

Basically, I want y’all to get to know me, where I am coming from, and why Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart. Sure, the books and movies are fantastic, but if that theme park hadn’t been built, I have no idea where my life would be right now. So thanks, Harry! You really are a wizard.

And if you like the podcast, there will be plenty more to listen to very soon. I would really appreciate it while the podcast is new if you’d tell your friends and maybe toss a review on your platform of choice. (Please? You can even send them directly to the trailer for the podcast!) It would be an incredible help to get the word out. You guys are awesome, and I hope you enjoy.

Let me know what you think!

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