How to lose 100 pounds? Harry Potter and Heart Disease, That’s How

I used to weigh 310 pounds. I was unhealthy, pre-diabetic (at least), and completely sedentary. I hated moving, being sweaty, working hard at anything, sports, and pretty much anything that didn’t involve being inside and staring at a screen.

Then, 6 months after I got married, I went on a delayed honeymoon to Disney World and was able to get into a soft-opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was magical…until I could just barely fit into the Dueling Dragons harness, and the attendant sent me off to what I was sure to be my death.

That moment changed my life. I couldn’t go through life carefree anymore. Being fat was actually going to hold me back. So something had to change. I had to lose so much weight. But I had no idea how to lose 100 pounds.

The TLDR version is that I began eating according to the low-glycemic index, which meant I avoided all sugar, starches, and I had limited carbohydrates (complex over simple), tried phentermine (which is a miracle drug), and used the extra energy from those changes to begin cycling and running so that when I hit my goal weight, I would already be entrenched in a new lifestyle.

And when my dad died in 2012 after 12 years of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues? I used that grief and stress to motivate myself into living as long a life as I could. I recognized that losing weight and being healthy were not the same thing, and I made sure that I not only wasn’t going to be limited by my weight anymore. Plus, I literally wanted to live it.

So I learned how to lose 100 pounds. In fact, I I lost 155 pounds, and along the way, I picked up a fantastic new lifestyle that keeps me fit, active, healthy, and geeky.

The most important lesson, though, is if you want to know how to lose 100 pounds is this: Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes do.

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  1. Bradley Austin

    Agreed 100%. I spent years on diet yo-yos. Finally found out about low carb thru “Fat to Skinny”. Doug and Impa were definitely inspirations. But, I started to burn out on simply low carb, I liked too many food varieties. Finally, you learn balance. It’s truly just a lifestyle change, and it works. I’m on my 2nd year, and hoping to finish the last 30 lbs this year


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